Railway Engineering

K&R Rail is a professional railway engineering company. We provide high-quality design, installation, and maintenance of railway infrastructure.

Rail Engineering Consultancy

K&R Rail Engineering Limited Contribution to Indian Railways per Annum by way of freight revenue in commissioning the following Railway Sidings

S.No.Name of the CompanyFreightTraffic in mtpa
1Vicat Sagar, Tandur90 Crores1.0 mtpa
2India Cement, Tandur50 Crores0.6 mtpa
3India Cement, Parli 215 Crores0.3 mtpa
4Ramco Cements, Jaggayyapet300 Crores2.5 mtpa
5Zuari Cements, Sitapuram50 Crores0.3 mtpa
6Bharati Cements, Yerraguntla50 Crores0.6 mtpa
7Zuari Cements, Yerraguntla50 Crores1.0 mtpa
8Jaypee Cement, Ramapuram75 Crores2.0 mtpa
9Ultratech Cement, Malkhed Road300 Crores2.0 mtpa
10Ramco Cements Narasingpally50 Crores0.5 mtpa
11Ramco Cements Macheda100 Crores1.0 mtpa
12Ramco Cements Haridaspur75 Crores0.5 mtpa
13Gopalpur Ports Ltd, Gopalpur500 Crores6.0 mtpa
14Kakinada Port500 Crores6.0 mtpa
15Zuari Cements Sholapur50 Crores0.3 mtpa
16Zuari Cements, Attipatu50 Crores0.3 mtpa
17SEML, Raipur 50 Crores0.3 mtpa
18CECL, Raipur50 Crores0.3 mtpa
19ACC Cements, Wadi700 Crores5.0 mtpa
20ARV Cement Society, Raichur20 Crores2.0 mtpa
Total3,300 Crores32.0 mtpa

Consultancy Leading to 50 mtpa Traffic to Indian Railways

S.No.Name of the Companymtpa
1NTPC5.0 mtpa
2KPCL3.0 mtpa
3Marmagoa Port5.0 mtpa
4Bothra Shipping1.0 mtpa
5HPCL, BPCL & IOCL2.0 mtpa
6Dalmia Cements2.0 mtpa
7Sagar Cements1.0 mtpa
8Lafarge Cement1.0 mtpa
9Kesoram Cements3.0 mtpa
10Mott MacDonald Rail Consultants (I) Pvt Ltd2.0 mtpa
11Vizag Seaports 2.0 mtpa
12IFFCO Paradeep 2.0 mtpa
13Deccan Cements1.0 mtpa
14Penna Cements2.0 mtpa
15Chettinad Cements2.0 mtpa
16Reliance Cementation2.0 mtpa
17Sanghi Cements1.0 mtpa
18A.P. State Warehousing Corporation3.0 mtpa
19Jayjyothi Cement1.0 mtpa
20Zuari Fertilizers & Chemical Ltd.3.0 mtpa
21Kandla Port Trust6.0 mtpa
Total50.0 mtpa